Una bella familia

Una bella familia
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viernes, 26 de octubre de 2012

Science: What can animals do?

Animals can:

        move                                 eat                    have babies

Animals can move:

    a) Horses use their FEET.
   b) Birds use their WINGS.

    c) Fish use their FINS.


Click here and have fun with this game.

Animals can eat:

a) CARNIVORES:eat other animals 

b) HERBIVORES: eat plants 


  • Observe this two animals and find their names in english.
  • Write their names in different pieces of paper and classify them in hervibores or carnivores.
  • Write more animal's name in the correct piece of paper. 


 Help Manolo to feed the animals in the zoo.

  Play the "Animal diet game" and learn about 

Animals can have babies:

a) OVIPAROUS:  From eggs
b) VIVIPAROUS: From their bellies

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